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Natto – An amazingly healthy fermented food. It’s also one of the best sources of the little-known vitamin K. Check out my recipe to make this nutritional powerhouse.

Recipe (Vitamin K2-rich): Natto

2 cups dried soybeans, rinsed (choose organic)
6 cups water
1 package natto starter culture (or leftover natto from the last batch)


Soak soybeans overnight in 6 cups of water.

Drain soaking water. Place beans in fresh water to boil until soft (up to 9 hours).

NOTE: Because we’re going to be fermenting, the recipe from here on needs to use only sterilized equipment and pre-boiled water.

Drain soft soybeans and place in a pot with natto starter culture (per directions on the culture package). Gently stir.

Place beans/culture mixture in a thin layer in as many casserole dishes or baking trays as necessary.

Cover each with sterilized cheesecloth and place the lid on top.

Place covered dishes in oven or dehydrator set for 100F for about 24 hours. The culture should eventually grow to look like a white film around the soybeans.

Let cool. Remove cheesecloth and refrigerate (or freeze).

Serve & enjoy!

Tip: If you save some of the natto, you can use it as your starter culture for future batches.

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